UTSW Proteomics Core IS OPEN!

We are now open at a limited capacity. Please drop off samples in Y4.106 and notify staff in Y4.306 WITHOUT ENTERING THE LAB that you have dropped off samples. Please contact proteomicscore@utsouthwestern.edu with questions.

New PTM services

The Proteomics core is now offering phosphopeptide enrichment as well as glycosylation analysis! Please contact us for more details as to how you can incorporate these into your research.

New Sample Submission Page

We are in the process of rolling out a new sample submission page through iLab. This will replace our old system, PSMS. If you need to access PSMS, you can reach it from https://proteomics-int.swmed.edu/psms/

Starting April 1st, only submissions through iLab will be accepted. If you have any questions or problems with our iLab site please contact us at proteomicscore@utsouthwestern.edu.

MS Proteomics Services and Collaborative Research