Location & Hours The Proteomics Core is located in rooms Y4.306 (Lab) and Y4.310 (Office) of the Green Biomedical Research (Y) Building. Samples can be dropped off in Y4.106, 24 hours a day. Please contact once you have dropped off samples or with questions.

Inquiry System We use an inquiry ticket system to ensure that all relevant core staff can access and respond to queries, and that inquires are answered promptly even if an individual member of staff is unavailable. Please send an email with as much detail as possible about your inquiry.

Mailing Address UTSW Proteomics Core  5323 Harry Hines Boulevard Room Y4.306 Dallas, TX, 75390

Telephone Tel:  (214)-648-3525  Please use the inquiry ticket system / email address above in for inquiries in the first instance.

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