Price List

Analyses are charged per gel band or slice submitted. Each band or slice must be 1 cm or less of the gel.  We charge for all samples, whether or not a result is obtained. The only exception is where failure is due to processing or instrumentation problems in the core. Please see our charging policy for details. Prices listed on this website are for UT-Southwestern customers ONLY.

Prices listed below are for UTSW customers only. External academic prices are twice the listed amount. Industry prices are three times the listed amount.

Per 5-10 mm gel band or slice

Protein ID – Coomassie Band – Trypsin – Lumos $180 per band
Protein ID – Coomassie Band – Trypsin – Orbitrap Elite $80 per band
Protein ID – Silver Stain Band – Trypsin – Lumos $200 per band
Protein ID – Silver Stain Band – Trypsin – Orbitrap Elite $90 per band
Protein ID – Complex Mixture $180 per slice
Protein ID – Complex Mixture – long HPLC gradient (3hr) $280 per slice
PTM ID – Trypsin $240 per band
PTM ID – Alternative Enzyme $280 per band
PTM ID – Glycosylation $350 per band
Phosphopeptide Enrichment $150 per sample
Custom Analysis $60/hr data analysis
ID & Quantitation – SILAC $220 per slice
TMT – 6-plex $1500 for up to 6 samples
TMT – 10-plex $2000 for up to 10 samples
High pH Fractionation – LC/MS/MS Analysis $1000 per sample
SRM – Method Development $1000 per method
SRM – Sample Analysis $90 per sample

Intact Mass Service

Intact Mass Analysis $100 per sample
Intact Mass Analysis for Purified Peptide in Mass Spec Compatible Buffer $30 per sample

In-Solution Digested Service

In-Solution Digested * $270 per sample

* This charge includes mandatory QC check of samples on Orbitrap Elite platform. See sample submission instructions. Restrictions on reagents that can be used in experiments. Digestion is performed by customer.

Billing / Charging

Samples from UTSW customers will not be accepted without a PeopleSoft subledger to which charges will be made. Billing will be performed at the end of every month. External customers require a purchase order and should contact the core prior to submitting samples.

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