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The staff of the proteomics core collaborate closely with customers, and are often heavily involved in the write-up process of projects that have made use of mass spectrometry services. If you are a customer of the core, and have published work that made use of the proteomics services that we offer, we’d like to list your publication here. Please contact us with details.

Selected Customer & Collaborator Publications

Ramachandran, B.; Stabley, B.; Cheng, S.-L.; Behrmann, A.; Gay, A.; Li, L.; Mead, M.; Lemoff, A.; Mirzaei, H.; Kozlitina, J.; Chen, Z.; and Towler, D. (2018); A G3BP1 / MAVS protein signaling relay conveys arteriosclerotic Wnt signals in aortic vascular smooth muscle cells, J. Biol. Chem., 293, 7942-7968.

Kalantari, R., Hicks, J.A., Li, L., Gagnon, K.T., Sridhara, V., Lemoff, A., Mirzaei, H., Corey, D.R. (2016). Stable Association of RNAi Machinery is Conserved Between the Cytoplasm and Nucleus of Human Cells, RNA, 22, 1085-1098.

Theodoropoulos, P., Gonzalez, S.S., Winterton, S.E., Rodriguez-Navas, C., McKnight, J.S., Morlock, L., Hanson, J., Cross, B., Owen, A.E., Duan, Y., Moreno, J.R., Lemoff, A., Mirzaei, H., Posner, B.A., Williams, N.S., Ready, J.M., Nijhawan, D. (2016) Discovery of Tumor-Specific Irreversible Inhibitors of Stearoyl CoA Desaturase, Nature Chemical Biology, 12, 218-225.

Wands, A.M., Fujita, A., McCombs, J.E., Nygren, J., Rodriguez, A.C., Nischan, N., Bond, M.R., Mettlen, M., Reis, C.R. Trudgian, D.C., Lemoff, A., Steentoft, C., Clausen, H., Schmid, S.L., Mirzaei, H., Yrlid, U., Kohler, J.J., Fucosylation and protein glycosylation create functional receptors for cholera toxin, eLife, 4, e09545.

Yamashiro, Y., Papke, C. L., Kim, J., Ringuette, L. J., Zhang, Q. J., Liu, Z. P., Mirzaei, H., Wagenseil, J. E.. Davis, E. C., Yanagisawa, H. (2015). Abnormal mechanosensing and cofilin activation promotes the progression of ascending aortic aneurysms in mice, Science Signaling, 8.

Salomon, D., Klimko, J. A., Trudgian, D. C., Kinch, L. N., Grishin, N. V., Mirzaei, H., Orth, K. (2015). Type VI Secretion System Toxins Horizontally Shared between Marine Bacteria, Plos Pathogens, 11 (8).

Katafuchi, T., Esterházy, D., Lemoff, A., Ding, X., Kliewer, S.A., Mirzaei, H., Mangelsdorf, D.J. (2015). Detection of FGF15 in Plasma by Stable Isotope Standards and Capture by Anti-Peptide
Antibodies (SISCAPA) and Targeted Mass Spectrometry, Cell Metabolism, 2015, 21, 898-904.

Wang, G., Han, T., Nijhawan, D., Theodoropoulos, P., Naidoo, J., Yadavalli, S., Mirzaei, H., Pieper, A. A., Ready, J. M., McKnight, S. L. (2014). P7C3 Neuroprotective Chemicals Function by Activating the Rate-Limiting Enzyme in NAD Salvage, Cell, 158 (6), 1324-1334.

Salomon, D., Kinch, L. N., Trudgian, D. C., Guo, X. F., Klimko, J. A., Grishin, N. V., Mirzaei, H., Orth, K. (2014), Marker for type VI secretion system effectors, PNAS, 111 (25), 9271-9276.

Yamashiro, Y., Huang, J. B., Papke, C. L., Mirzaei, H., Yanagisawa, H. (2013). Identification of Key Modulators Involved in Aortic Aneurysm Formation In Fibulin-4 Deficient Mice, Circulation, 128 (22).

Sengupta, S., Lorente-Rodriguez, A., Earnest, S., Stippec, S., Guo, X. F., Trudgian, D. C., Mirzaei, H., Cobb, M. H. (2013). Regulation of OSR1 and the sodium, potassium, two chloride cotransporter by convergent signals, PNAS, 110 (47), 18826-18831.

Kwon, I., Kato, M., Xiang, S. H., Wu, L., Theodoropoulos, P., Mirzaei, H., Han, T., Xie, S. H., Corden, J. L., McKnight, S. L. (2013) Phosphorylation-Regulated Binding of RNA Polymerase II to Fibrous Polymers of Low-Complexity Domains, Cell, 155 (5), 1049-1060.

Chang, K. H., Li, R., Kuri, B., Lotan, Y., Roehrborn, C. G., Liu, J. Y., Vessella, R., Nelson, P. S., Kapur, P., Guo, X. F., Mirzaei, H., Auchus, R. J., Sharifi, N. (2013) A Gain-of-Function Mutation in DHT Synthesis in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer, Cell, 154 (5), 1074-1084.

Laxman, S., Sutter, B. M., Wu, X., Kumar, S., Guo, X., Trudgian, D. C., … & Tu, B. P. (2013). Sulfur Amino Acids Regulate Translational Capacity and Metabolic Homeostasis through Modulation of tRNA Thiolation. Cell, 154(2), 416-429.

Sun, Q., Carrasco, Y. P., Hu, Y., Guo, X., Mirzaei, H., MacMillan, J., & Chook, Y. M. (2013). Nuclear export inhibition through covalent conjugation and hydrolysis of Leptomycin B by CRM1. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences110(4), 1303-1308.

Zhang, L., Krachler, A. M., Broberg, C. A., Li, Y., Mirzaei, H., Gilpin, C. J., & Orth, K. (2012). Type III Effector VopC Mediates Invasion for Vibrio Species. Cell Reports1(5), 453-460.

Han TW, Kato M, Xie S, Wu LC, Mirzaei H, Pei J, Chen M, Xie Y, Allen J, Xiao G, McKnight SL. Cell-Free formation of RNA granules: bound RNAs identify features and components of cellular assemblies. Cell. 2012 May 11;149(4):768-79.

Kato M, Han TW, Xie S, Shi K, Du X, Wu LC, Mirzaei H, Goldsmith EJ, Longgood J, Pei J, Grishin NV, Frantz DE, Schneider JW, Chen S, Li L, Sawaya MR, Eisenberg D, Tycko R, McKnight SL. Cell-free formation of RNA granules: low complexity sequence domains form dynamic fibers within hydrogels. Cell. 2012 May 11;149(4):753-67.


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