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We collected over 1TB of mass-spec data from HeLa lysate.

  • 48 unfractionated digests
  • 6 SAX fractionated digests
  • Orbitrap Elite CID & Q Exactive HCD

Explore it at the gene or protein level in confetti - our multi-enzyme map of the HeLa proteome.


See our manuscript: Guo et. al., Confetti: A Multiprotease Map of the HeLa Proteome for Comprehensive Proteomics, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 13(6), 1573-1584. [Journal Link]

As well as a lot of lysate, enzyme, and mass-spec time we used:


Can't get coverage of a PTM of interest? Not enough good tryptic peptides for your SRM or PRM experiment? Maybe confetti can help.

We identified over 7,500 proteins in HeLa lysate, which are covered by more than 375,000 unique peptide sequences.


Confetti was built by members of the Mirzaei Laboratory and Proteomics Core, UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX:

  • Xiaofeng Guo - Sample prep & mass-spectrometry
  • David Trudgian - Data analysis & programming
  • Andy Lemoff - MS Assistance & follow-up SRM
  • Siva Yadavalli - Grew our cells (lots of them!)
  • Hamid Mirzaei - Principal Investigator
  • Hamssika Chandrasekaran - Correction sample prep & mass-spectrometry

Funding / Acknowledgements

This work was supported by:

  • Cancer Research and Prevention Institute of Texas grants RP120613 & R1121 to H. Mirzaei.
  • An Amazon AWS in Education Research Grant to D. C. Trudgian.
  • TACC compute allocation to D. C. Trudgian.

We acknowledge the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin for providing HPC resources that have contributed to this project.

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